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Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill & Dacula


Bob married his wife, Denise, in May of 1987. Bob and Denise have two children, Megan and Jacob.  Megan and her husband, Morgan have two daughters, Avery Madison Lopes and Rowan Lopes.


Bob's journey with Chick-fil-A started in 1998 with a question from a long time friend who was an Operator with Chick-fil-A. He asked Bob, "Are you happy in your current job and would you ever consider working for Chick-fil-A?".


Bob decided to look into Chick-fil-A and started to fill out the application. The questions were not like your typical job interview. The questions included: What are your dreams, desires, and goals? If money didn’t matter, what would you do? It challenged Bob to think outside his current environment and dream bigger than ever before.


Together, Denise and Bob began to pray God would lead them down the right path. They completely surrendered this opportunity and everything that came with it to God. In 2000, Bob was given the opportunity to Operate Lilburn FSR. In August of 2007, he was given the opportunity to operate Hamilton Mill FSR. In December of 2011, he was selected as a Multi-Unit Operator to open Dacula FSR.


In his free time, Bob enjoys spending time with his family, friends, at the lake, golfing and riding motorcycles.  

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